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The skills and experience of our consultants are our most important asset. Our team consists of field technicians, with  varied and complementary skills, able to effectively integrate new features and support you in the selection, implementation and deployment of infrastructure around the DB2 family and Oracle.

We are experienced in these techniques, with appropriate computing experience and the habit of working practices they imply.

Our professional approach has always been marked by the search for synergy between the activities of Training and Consulting, supplemented by the constant technological monitoring, participating for example to IBM Early Adopter Programs. By sharing our time between these disciplines allows us to add an educational dimension to our Consulting missions, while growing our technical approaches in the field to benefit our students.

If we know the Relational Databases market pretty well, we have also gained significant experience in many functional areas, like banking, insurance or the one of industry and services.

This enables us to keep the same language as our customers, understand their specific characteristics and needs while having a clear vision of the potential benefits of new technologies and their challenges in terms of integration into existing systems.


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