We are a company of skilled DB2 consultants, well known for there numerous expertise missions at customer sites, under other company names, on z/OS as well as LINUX, UNIX and Windows. Consultants, Production and System Experts, Architects, DBAs and trainers, we aim to assist our clients in designing, implementing, maintaining and optimizing their information systems.

You are looking :

to optimize your Information System

for support to define the best architecture and to
           use correctly the lastest  DB2 features.

    for a specific training to make your teams more efficient.

to lower your software cost or to migrate from Sybase
          or Oracle to DB2 LUW.

for more than 10 years, has been the first DB2 z/OS and DB2 LUW skilled company in France and can help you achieve your goals.

We can :

  setup a training session adjusted to your needs.

  provide technical assistance to your teams, either on long or short  
      term period with our DB2 experts.

  sell you DB2 licences.

We share our time between beta programs with IBM labs, consulting in various customer typologies, and training as IBM instructors. This allows us to have a clear vision of your Information Systems and potential gains you will have with us. We have also gained a significative experience in many business areas, either in the banking, insurance, or industry and service fields.
We visit you onsite not only in France but also all over Europe.

The DeltaDB solution:

We integrate the 3 topics : licensing, training and consulting into our "Database Easy Deploy" package offer,  that consists of :

  auditing your existing DB2 systems

  installing a simple and automatized exploitation with  indicators of quality of service

  assisting you rapidly in case of performance problem and regularly check up your Information System and changes in your architecture

  providing you regularly every 2/3 years  DB2 upgrades and an appropriate training to refresh your knowledge

This offer can be supplemented by installing additional functionalities to your DB2 LUW system, like the "DB2 Storage optimization" and "DB2 Performance optimization" features, as well as the mechanisms of High Availability: TSA+HADR, pureScale, Q-Replication or SQL-Replication.

The "Database Easy Deploy" solution can be applied on all DB2 LUW environments, including those resulting from Oracle or Sybase migrations to DB2 LUW.


 DB2 z/OS - DB2 LUW - Big Data Training

 Coming sessions : 

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